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T o o l s   F o r   T o g e t h e r n e s s

The Art of Intimate Conversation

Relationship Workshop For Couples



Intimate conversation is an art.

When we first meet, we’re very anxious to learn everything we can about our partners. It’s all new and interesting and we probably have strong sexual chemistry together!

Then as time goes on, the chemistry calms down, the stories subside, and we get involved in daily life.

And the intimate connection wanes.

Create deeper intimacy through open, intimate, and safe conversation. Glori and Leon explore groundbreaking relationship territory that will keep that energy alive. You will learn new relationship skills, and have time to practice them with your partner.

           Listen more deeply

           Express appreciation

           Deepen intimacy

           Create a safe place in your relationship for

             expressing feelings, wishes and dreams

Eros and the Deepening of Intimacy

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Intimacy is the Soul of the relationship. As we listen devoutly to our partner, the heart naturally opens, and the erotic field intensifies.  Through attention and intention, the erotic field grows.

This weekend of Council and other energetic and sensual practices is designed to:

           Deepen the connection with our beloved

           Explore what gets in the way of this deepening

           Strengthen our erotic connection

           Awaken and enliven  the erotic aspects of relationship


Couples are encouraged to make a weekend retreat of this workshop by reserving a room at a local B&B or hotel in Ojai, or on the magical Ojai Foundation land.  

Evening homework will be assigned!

Previous participation in Council For Couples required.

Creating Relationship Resilience

Our Online Program!


Connection is the heart of resilience.

Is this time of change bringing you closer or pulling you apart?

Do you and your partner know what's stirring in each other's hearts? 

Relationship resilience allows us to hold

together during stressful times. 

Learn to create resilience, work together, 

and co-create your new reality together.

Hosted On ZOOM

4 Consecutive Saturdays


July 10, 17, 24 & 31 2021

11:am-1:00pm Pacific Time

Over the 4 week course couples will gain skills in:

                                             • connecting deeper with each other

                                             • understanding how we cope differently

                                             • having intentional and intimate conversations about issues

                                                that are important to one another

                                             • staying connected during difficult or stressful situation

                                             • creating a resilient sense of we-ness.


"It was a beautiful way to bring awareness and consciousness into our relationship. It helped us to make time for each other and to find new ways to make communication more heart-centered and effective." S.S.


"We're glad to have the time between sessions during the week to do the homework and process what we've learned. Our conversations remind me of how we talked early in our relationship." B&R


"Learning to... move through changes with love, respect, and appreciation are what this program is all about. Intimacy has blossomed in a new and very different way given how our lives have changed. It's refreshingly assuring to know that we have tools that strengthen our bond." M & J

Interviewed on Ventura California's Cable Television station, Glori Zeltzer and Leon Berg discuss what they have found to be an effective communication strategy that helps to bring The Art of Intimate Conversation into the lives of couples.

$400 per couple

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