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T o o l s   F o r   T o g e t h e r n e s s

Our story:

Leon and I met after having been married, raised children with other partners, and divorced.  We knew that we wanted something different than what we’d experienced in the past.  

My parents were divorced before I was a teenager. Leon’s parents remained married until his father’s death in old age, but they led separate lives, and he doesn’t remember evidence of their love connection.

This is very typical!

Our parents had no role models either!

Leon had learned the communication practice that we teach, Council, through his work at the Ojai Foundation, but had never utilized it in his relationships.  I had been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years, and knew conceptually what was possible in a relationship, but had never experienced it.  

On our second date, Leon introduced me to the deep listening practice that we teach.  After sitting together for over an hour, sharing stories about our past relationships, what we wanted in a partnership, and what our dreams were for our futures, we both knew we were with a potential partner who could go to deeper, more intimate, loving places than we had gone before.

Many years later, our practice and our work together continues to enrich our relationship.  Combining my marriage therapy/theory background with Leon’s Council expertise, we have created a relationship program  to help other couples create a relationship that supports each individual’s growth, increases intimacy and keeps the erotic energy alive.

For eight years we have been teaching other couples to bring The Art of Intimate Conversation  into their lives.

Glori and Leon trained with Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless, authors and creators of Flesh & Spirit - The Mystery of Intimate Relationship. They bring together their communication and relationship skills, and experience as a couple, to create a dynamic workshop teaching individuals and couples how they can enliven and enrich their relationships. Leon and Glori teach The Art of Intimate Conversation in the U.S. and abroad.

Glori Zeltzer, MA MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a full time private practice in Ventura, California specializing in relationship counseling.  For over thirty years she has guided individuals and couples on their journey toward joyous and passionate relationships. Glori passionately believes that through experiencing others on a deep personal level we learn to appreciate our sameness, and embrace our few differences.

Leon Berg is a founding member of the Ojai Foundation, an educational sanctuary in the Upper Ojai Valley.  He is a Senior Facilitator and Trainer in the Way of Council and has been facilitating Council groups in the U.S. and abroad for the past 20 years. In 2001, he went to Israel to seed the practice of Council among Israeli Jews and Arabs, co-founding the Israeli non-profit organization Ma’agal Hakshava (Listening Circles). Leon has returned to Israel and Palestine many times since to conduct Council trainings and to lead a variety of coexistence programs.

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