Trust ~ Communication ~ Intimacy



T o o l s   F o r   T o g e t h e r n e s s

Is this workshop for relationships that are in trouble, or for couples who want to get closer?

The workshop is designed both for couples who are experiencing difficulty as well as couples who want to get closer.  The skills we teach are to allow couples to connect. This is usually what’s missing when we’re experiencing discord.

What sorts of things do you do during the workshop?

The workshop is designed to teach new listening skills, explore the road blocks to intimacy that we have learned, and to practice these new skills.  Couples practice with each other privately with our supervision.  We teach verbal and nonverbal skills to connect.

What can we hope to learn from the workshop?

Couples gain a deeper understanding of the impediments to relational connection, learn about themselves and their partner, and how to create a safe place for vulnerability and intimacy in their relationships.  

The workshop sounds good, but will we have to “air our dirty laundry” in front of everyone?

No, you will learn the skills in a group format, and practice privately with your partner.  You will only share your successes or challenges in learning the teachings, and whatever personal material you wish to share.

We don't have an effective communication practice and our dynamic continues.

My partner and I have been together for over ten years. We aren't married. What works is that we are crazy about each other. What doesn't work is that we can quite quickly and regularly get at odds with each other. We both feel that this consistent dynamic is a waste of precious time and the destroyer of peace and well being. We've even wondered if perhaps we are just toxic to each other or that each of us is just incapable of having a healthy relationship.   This workshop appeals to me, but I'm not sure my man will be up for it.

I haven't asked yet. Any thoughts?”

The dynamics you discuss are very common in relationships.  We all get triggered by our partners and often don't have the tools to look underneath the surface.  In our workshop we teach couples how to create a safe, supportive environment in which you can connect. This will teach you an effective communication practice.  We also explore the self protective behaviors that create conflict. Sometimes one partner is more enthusiastic about attending our workshop than the other.  We often find that the “reluctant” partners quickly relax into the safe workshop environment, and frequently become our most ardent supporters! 

Do you have a question?  

Email us at: tools.for.togetherness@gmail.com